About Pathfinders Media

Pathfinders Media is an IT, Graphics and Media consulting firm who is providing services for web designing, web development, licensed software solutions, email solutions, e-commerce, payment gateways, brand management, digital marketing, media & business advertising consultancy. We have focused on maximizing share-owner value and achieving customer satisfaction through innovation in the IT and services.

At Pathfinders Media we believe in getting input from client, analyzing, interpreting, advising and then implementing new projects and concepts. Our value-added approach helps us to deliver quality projects which suit your business.
We offer a full range of web and media services, Domain Registration, Windows Hosting , Linux Hosting, Website Designing, Graphics Designing, Animation, Brand Management, Digital Marketing, SSL Certificates, Payment Gateways, SEO Services, Media Marketing & Business Advertisement Consulting Services.

“It’s our commitment that we will not let your flag down”

Our Values

we are responsible for our decisions and work professionally
We share information appropriately, promptly and openly.
We provide care with kindness and empathy that considers and meet each individual’s
we trust each other and are trustworty
We treat everyperson with dignity and courtesy, we are polite and we listen.
We are relaible friendly and we trust each other.

Technologies We Used